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Why we are effective to other Detective Agencies?

Forensic Detective Agency is one of the trusted and affordable private detective and Investigation Agency in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida, Jaipur, Kolkata etc. We have team of Investigators who are expertise in their field and hug knowledge in the field of Investigations, Our Investigators are completely devotee and they are from Government Agencies like, CBI, IB, Indian Army, Delhi Police and other various Departments.

Our affordable Charges policies

Our charges are very affordable and cheaper because our way of Investigation is different from other Agency; we want to serve our services to entire area like lower middle class family also. We think differently to others, not only for that reason that Detective

are specially design for rich persons only.


An Affordable private Detective Agency in Delhi India  Major Reasons to increase Divorce or Cause in India
It’s true some types of detective services are much higher but we do different type Investigation and try to concentrate on point to point Investigation and the other reason we do own our work, we cannot hire third party or out source. That is only the reason we are the best Detective Agency in Delhi, India and our success rate of Investigation is 99%.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation required why?

In our Pre Matrimonial Detective Service, we do special discreet enquiries at various locations like Residence and office and specific location that is provide by client and revealed hidden information that is hiding by pre matrimonial sources.

Now a day most of the marriage relation come from online like Matrimonial websites and News papers. No one knows each other, so relation seems suspicious then how to know about this type of pre marriage relationships. We do this type of works and server you these facts of relationship.

Our Detective Agency is server you the best efforts of the real Investigations. And get completely satisfaction to prevent your future.

Our Time Frame Policy

Our Time frame policies are framed and operated by special officer (Investigations), He/ She make a plane to conduct Investigation on the basis Input which is given by client. Before the Investigation, they understand the case and special needs of client then mapped it on the case file. Then he gave assignment to Investigator to conduct enquiries Physically, online and surveillance and etc.  if required.

Our Surveillance Investigation Policies

We have designed special teams for surveillance who have done so many surveillance cases with successful results and closed most of the cases with caught Red Handed. At of the Surveillance, we do not only single face investigation; our task is to done successfully entire operation without doubt of the subject. But our Investigation policies are very clear and Authentic, we and our operatives do not work any in-legal, un-authentic or harmful. Sorry to say but we do not work only for money, it’s our passion.

Cyber Forensic Lab (Digital Forensic)

We have a Digital Forensic Laboratory to done the cases of Cyber Crime Investigation and Digital forensic but it can be use on authentic basic. For more information you can view our cyber crime page Click Here

How to choose a Best Detective Agency?.

Finally, In Delhi There are lots of Detective agencies are running in Delhi for more than thirty years but how to know which is the best Detective Agency for me and how to choose?  

This Question is very important and valuable but how to find the correct answer? We could help it that saw what are your requirements and which is your investigation area, both are inputs are main to find the Private Detective Agency in Delhi and NCR or another places in India.

For example if you want to choose a Detective Agency in Delhi and NCR, there are so many options to get the best detective services but first you have to know who are those agencies those conduct Investigation themselves. What is the current performance or rating? As a my knowledge, there are only few agencies who do work themselves, and rest of agencies hire outsource for their cases.

Who we are?

If you are paying good amount for your needs and privacy of the case then why choose mediator. Mediators Detective get higher charges as comparison to others who do work by own.

Our Detective Agency name Forensic Detective (Digital Forensic) is one of the Best Detective Agency in Delhi who works by own. Our Investigators are well qualified from Government sectors and IT professional only for needs and for your peaceful life.

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