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Forensic Detective Agency India offer personal investigation services at very affordable price. Personal Investigations are a type of inquiry made about an individual person to get detailed facts and information about various issues like credit, Employee, tenancy, insurance, marital issues, boy/girl time schedule, Child education, etc from different sources apart from the actual subject of investigation

Cheap Marriage Investigation and Verification Detective Agency in Delhi

Marriage is the beginning of reproduction phase of life in the cross-culturally pervasive descriptive triad (viz. birth, marriage, and death). It is such a tempting candy which no one can resist from eating. It is so alluring that even the divorcees, or those in a regretful relationship, want to retry their luck by remarrying. Marriage is merging of two independent bodies and minds into one, coming together of two souls for a common objective. Marriage is the ceremony when singleness vanishes and coupling emerges. Coupling gives ample opportunities of happiness, completeness, desire fulfillment, sharing, loving, purpose and much more. You cannot keep two lions under the same roof; lioness controls lion while the lion controls the roof.

Why Marriage Investigation necessary? 

In today 's era of on-line marriage, love marriages are mutually divorced and settled marriages are contested divorced. Potential matrimonial matches are always wary of the filers of 498A IPC cases. The holy-knot commences with eons of doubts and uncertainties. People are relying on and newspaper ads and thereby getting irrelevant and incompatible proposals. They spent a lot and waste much time in browsing through irrelevant replies. Even the dynamics of an arranged marriage has changed. Parents introduce their children to each other, who may meet and even date for some time before getting themselves hitched. In both the cases, they undergo high risk of falling in to a mismatch leaving behind a long, lonely & painful life after marriage. Due to extra-marital relationship, spouse infidelity, pre-marriage affair with any one, parental intervention in married life, any dowry demand or any other cruelty/harassment to the girl by her in-laws, attitude of mother-in-law or any other in-law towards the girl, in-laws reputation in the neighbourhood etc. the marriage may get shattered. It is here that they realize the need of a professional matrimonial detective agency which can unravel at the most affordable charges the truth on crucial aspects like:

Family Background and past affair is Necessary to Investigate

FAMILY BACKGROUND CHECK CHARACTER VERIFICATION FINANCIAL STATUS SOCIAL REPUTATION LOCAL IMAGE IN THE AREA IMAGE AMONG THE COLLEAGUES MEDICAL HISTORY EARLIER MARRIAGE, IF ANY LIFESTYLE . ..and much more Get in touch, call NOW! +91-9958045226, +91-9968100327 or write to us : WHY IS IT A MUST? Marital investigation is necessary because sometimes, due to extra-marital relationship, spouse infidelity, pre-marriage affair with any one, parental intervention in married life, any dowry demand or any other cruelty/harassment to the girl by her in-laws, attitude of mother-in-law or any other in-law towards the girl, in-laws reputation in the neighborhood etc., the marriage gets totally shattered. Thus, there is always the need of pre-marital investigation. If it is got done by a professionally competent private detective agency like FORENSIC Detective, the married life can be enjoyed unhindered.

Time Frame for Marriage Investigation?

TIME-FRAME As regards the time frame, the complete investigation is done within a week and we provide sufficient information based on which you can very safely take your future course of action. We believe that it is worthwhile on spending something which has a life- long effect than cutting a sorry figure later on. CONFIDENTIALITY Pre-matrimonial investigation is primarily to know your groom/bride, about his / her present or past relationship, his / her friend circle, his / her family social and financial reputation and to know his / her personal habits. It saves people from falling in complete disarray and thereby avoids post-marital investigation. People are in the habit of telling lie and manipulating a few things to elevate oneself and get a better life partner. That is why, everyone, before marriage, is bit frenzied and nervous because of an unknown fear as to whether the marriage will work well and whether the would-be spouse will be right. Therefore, pre matrimonial investigation by a detective agency like FORENSIC Detective, whose sole aim is to enable the client to take right decision on marriage, becomes inevitable. It undertakes its operation with utmost care thereby ensuring complete confidentiality and secrecy and at no stage the other party smacks of any such investigation. Matrimonial investigation has been our forte


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