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Investigation Charges


Private Detective charges in Delhi

Private investigator charges/ fees

Private Detective charges/ fees are more dependent on what you want to do, all the cases fees are different. Case fees also depend on whether your choice of the detective agency is selected. Every Detective Agency has its own separate expenditure, even if the method of working is different, the fees will change in the same way.

How Much a Private Investigator Costs/ fees

Private Investigator Cost in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Chandigarh, etc. most
of the people search this keyword on Google. Detective costs vary according to the place as if you take a detective service in  Agra and a detective service in Delhi or Mumbai. The most common reason for this is that the expenses incurred on cash, this expenditure puts such a big difference in the charging of Detective Services How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Private Investigator.

NO. Case Type Charges Location
1 Pre Matrimonial investigation INR- 17,000-25000 Delhi/ NCR
2 " INR- 20,000-30,000 Up to 200 K.M from Delhi
3 " INR-25,000-35,000 Above 200 K.M from Delhi
4 Post Matrimonial Investigation INR-25,000-35,000 Delhi/ NCR
5 " INR-35,000-45,000 Up to 200 K.M from Delhi
5 " INR-45000-60,000 Above 200 K.M from Delhi
6 Surveillance INR-5000-10000 Delhi/ NCR
7 " INR-7000-12000 Up to 200 K.M from Delhi
8 " INR-10000-15000 Above 200 K.M from Delhi
9 Undercover INR-50,000-***** Up to 200 K.M from Delhi
10 " Call to customer care Up to 200 K.M from Delhi
11 " Call to customer care Above 200 K.M from Delhi
12 Labor Court Cases INR-25,000-35,000 Delhi/ NCR
13 " INR-35,000-45,000 Up to 200 K.M from Delhi
14 " INR-40,000-60,000 Above 200 K.M from Delhi


Please note:

All the charges may vary as depends on the investigation

Surveillance, outstation charges are not appllication for one day

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