Private investigator charges/ fees

Private Detective charges/ fees are more dependent on what you want to do, all the cases fees are different. Case fees also depend on whether your choice of the detective agency is selected. Every Detective Agency has its own separate expenditure, even if the method of working is different, the fees will change in the same way.

How Much a Private Investigator Costs/ fees

Private Investigator Cost in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Chandigarh, etc. most
of the people search this keyword on Google. Detective costs vary according to the place as if you take a detective service in  Agra and a detective service in Delhi or Mumbai. The most common reason for this is that the expenses incurred on cash, this expenditure puts such a big difference in the charging of Detective Services How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Private Investigator.

Top Fees/ Cost for the Matrimonial detective in Delhi

Matrimonial cases are from two types, such as Pre-Matrimonial and Post Matrimonial. A detective agency has an important role in both cases.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation: In the pre-matrimonial investigation, we investigate the occurrence of the relation before the rule of the decree, and there is no doubt about it. In the pre-matrimonial investigation, we investigate the relationship that occurs before decency and there is nothing wrong with knowing it. If we were to respond to anything, then the final decision was made after the investigation.

Best cost of Matrimonial Detective in Delhi for pre matrimonial investigation would be INR 25000

Post Matrimonial Investigation: Investigation is done to overcome misunderstandings in relationships after marriage. And who was supposed to get away from the wrong way before marriage, Some people try to remove them after marriage? Treatment of this problem most of the ends in divorce.

This is because those people who are going through this problem say that they would have been good.

Best cost of Matrimonial Detective in Delhi for Post matrimonial investigation would be INR 30000

Private detective fees India

Detective Cost India is much less compared to other countries, As if you hire a Detective Agency, then the charges are according to the hour. Much more than India.

Private Detective cost India – Surveillance Fees 3500 INR – 7000 INR per day, Pre Matrimonial Investigation Fees 20,000 INR – 45,500 INR, Post Matrimonial Investigation Fees 20000 INR – 40000 INR, Tracing Enquiries 15000 INR – 25000 INR, Background Checks 15000 INR – 25000 INR, Other Private Investigator Service Fees 200 INR – 500 INR Per Hour.

Surveillance Cost in Delhi

Surveillance fees in Delhi would be 3500 INR – 7000 INR per day for Delhi and NCR If you want to get service for other reason, it may little vary as depends on the cost of expenditures.

Corporate Investigation Cost in India

Corporate Investigation Services are of different type, their charges will be the same as that,

Undercover Operations- INR-45000 to 15,00,000 or depends on agent’s profile

Labor Court Cases- INR- 20,000 to 45000 Per case or depends on the location and profile

Employment Verification- INR 15000* or depends on the distance

Education Verification- INR- 5000* or depends on the expenditures

Surveillance (Corporate) INR 6500 Per day or depends on the standard of the services

and etc.

Detective Agency in Delhi Cost/ Fees

Detective Agency in Delhi cost, Delhi is the capital of India, and at the same time it is also India’s most expensive city. So the Detective Agency in Delhi Cost is a little expensive. But, our forensic detective gives you this service in very unforeseen charges.

Private detective agency in Delhi Cost/ Fees

About 200 to 300 private detective agencies in Delhi, everyone’s standard and working method is quite different from each other. Some detective agencies have their expenses so much that they charge more than you to fulfill them. Apart from this, some detective agencies are also those who have reduced their needs. Hence Private Detective Agency in Delhi Cost may vary one to another.

Indian detective agency fees

India is a vibrant country, it will have around 2000 to 3000 detective agencies, who have different fees. Delhi is the capital of India and due to being the most expensive place where there is a little price, so the detective services here are a bit expensive.

Detective Fees in Delhi

Detective fees in Delhi are very cheap for matrimonial cases, you just have to work harder to find them. Some Detectives agencies in Delhi are so cheap that you will not believe, but taking such Detective Services is also risky. Some affordable detective agencies take money from you, but there is no guarantee of decreasing.

Private detective prices in Delhi India

Private Detective Prices in India are very cheap, because in today’s time, there has been a lot of competition in Delhi that people take cases in INR-2000 only. But such a Detective Agency does not have any value. Most such detective agencies deceive you.


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