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The Art of Surveillance- Some private investigators when questioned on the subject, will be heard to reply that surveillance is an art form when applied to their profession.
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The Art of Surveillance

The art of Surveillance– Some private investigators when questioned on the subject, will be heard to reply that surveillance is an art form when applied to their profession. To someone on the outside of
private investigation 
, this mean seem a little exaggerated or absurd. However, upon further explanation, the investigator will tell you that the art of surveillance is such that it allows you to “tail” someone for hours, days or weeks without them having the slightest inkling that it is taking place.

In Best Detectives in Delhi, surveillance is defined as the continuous observation of any object. It might be any form of building, a car or an individual. The purpose of surveillance is to gain specific information on the subject of the surveillance and either their forms of activity and/or their true identity.

who are the surveillance clients?

The Best Detective agency, who has been given the task of placing a subject under surveillances will require sufficient knowledge and background information to be capable of achieving their objectives. The most basic form of surveillances is the ones carried out on behalf of Corporate or Personal clients. Their usual request is to observe a recent successful claimant, who the insurance company feels wasn’t completely honest regarding the state of their injuries and subsequent incapacity. The budget for this job will not be too high, and usually set against the amount paid out to the claimant against their injuries.

How does an private Investigator conduct the surveillance?

The investigator will follow the claimant around discreetly for a few days to see if they suddenly are gifted with a form of miracle cure, and their limp disappears or they get up from their wheelchair and start to play football or dance the polka. A few timely digital photographs and the once wealthy claimant might well find themselves contemplating the error of their ways behind the bars of a prison cell.

Obviously the higher the budget, the higher and more intense the level of surveillance. In these modern digitally driven times, the highest quality of equipment is available to the private investigator. Designed to make their jobs easily and receive quicker and more accurate results. Results that may need to stand up in a court of law, where millions of dollars are at stake. If the budget can stand it, investigators may well set up a surveillance team that can number more than ten people. They may need that many people to carry out a round the clock observation on their subject If the investigators feel that the subject suspects that he is being tailed, then they will need to spread themselves pretty thin. If they are tailing the subject on foot, then the followers need to change over every now and then. If the subject becomes aware that the same person is following them all the time, they will eventually become suspicious. If foot surveillance is worked by a team of maybe three or four investigators, and especially if they wear disguises and change their clothes, then the chances of the subject “picking up his tail” is reduced considerably.

The same “art of surveillance” theory can apply when tailing someone in a private car. If the same car is constantly following them, especially over a long journey, then red flags will begin to wave. However if three or more cars are involved in the vehicular surveillance then again the chances of being spotted are really slim.

For the investigators, the art is to never let the subject out of sight, record as much as possible of their movements, whilst never giving away the fact that they are under surveillance. They know what they are looking for, and sooner or later, if they are true professionals they will find it. That’s what they mean when they say “The art of surveillance.”


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