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  1. Rahul says:

    Dear sir
    Can u lookup phone record of a person to get call log of last 2 months as part of matrimonial investigation ?

    • Dear Mr.,Rahul,
      Please let the discuss on the case, exactly what is your requirements, We can discuss on that and surely can be crack it.
      As per your requirements, “Call logs” of a cellular number. I’m sorry to say that “Call logs” know as Call details records or CDR and it is highly sensitive mater to obtain it il-legally in India.
      No one can obtain CDR of a Mobile phone except Police authorities. If your requirements meet urgency to obtain call details records, then you should lodge a police complaint against your case. they will register your complaint will start further process to obtain call details records. but they will not it with you. because it’s a highly secured process.
      If you need to ask anything you contact us on the given contacts.


      Forensic Detective
      New Delhi

  2. Atul Kumar says:

    very good sir and thanku for provide us this usefull information.

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