Top 5 dangerous directions for tourists, who are preparing to arrive in Delhi, India

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India's capital has gone out of the forefront of crime today. Rape, murder, theft, robbery, and bribery are common crimes to be here. And today these things have also joined the citizens' habit. After all, what is the reason for all this, that it is not only difficult to control them, it is becoming impossible?
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Delhi is the capital of India and the most interesting thing is that, is popular with this whole world. If we talk about the people here, the people here are very helpful and their way of respecting a tourist is also different. The people are very hearted, and the taste is also the most delicious.

Delhi is also infamous because of many things, but Delhi’s defamation is not due to the people. Top 5 Dangerous Directions for tourists for Delhi

People respect everyone’s by heart. And when you need them, they also give you help with their heart.
In Delhi, tourists often visit Delhi. And Delhi welcomes them all the time.
But there are some reasons why Delhi is increasing day by day due to infamy. We will look at some of these aspects today. Top 5  Directions for tourists for Delhi who want to visit Delhi, India.

Who is the citizen of Delhi?

It is necessary to ask this question because today’s crimes are increasing day by day.

India’s capital has gone out of the forefront of crime today. Rape, murder, theft, robbery, and bribery are common crimes to be here. And today these things have also joined the citizens’ habit.
After all, what is the reason for all this, that it is not only difficult to control them, it is becoming impossible?

Main causes of criminal activities

India’s Capital is mainly dominated by Border of 2 states. The main border of Uttar Pradesh is also Ghaziabad, Loni.

Haryana Border– (Gurgaon, Sonipat, Faridabad, Bahadurgarh & Jhajar) Talk about the border with Haryana, the people there are friendly and hardworking. And almost all people are engaged in the help of the other people.

Haryana has an own lifestyle, agriculture, business, job, services. Children’s education is also done with the same purpose so that they can do their best to fulfill their lives.

On the contrary, talking about Ghaziabad Border, it is exactly the opposite.

The main reasons for most criminal incidents, Loni Border and Ghaziabad Border.

Nowadays, with the tireless efforts of the government, places around Delhi are being developed and efforts are on to reinforce all these elements.

Are you safe to come to Delhi?

It is natural to visit tourists in the capital of Delhi. But before coming, you should read the guidelines here, so that you can avoid any unpleasant trouble.

People of the area, of course, are ready to help you at all times, but it is extremely difficult for you to identify who is helpful and who is not.
The reason for most tourists being in trouble is that they can not understand who can trouble them.

How do the tourists should keep themselves safe in Delhi?

Tourists are advised not to go to any border areas, And whenever there is any problem, contact the tourist police as soon as possible.  Staying in the eyes of the police is the safest.

If you go somewhere, use a prepaid taxi or downloading a mobile application is safe to travel. Because such services are completely under police surveillance.

Strong emphasis is also one of the safest measures.

1- Most criminal elements are often run away from fear. And you can protect yourself.

2- Download Emergency Services in Mobile.

In view of the crime, many of the police services have started, with the help of which, only one button pressing comes into contact with the police.
You do not need any mobile network for this facility, just pressing the button gives you security.
Due to tourists, many such centers have been opened, so that any tourists can easily take help from them.

Why is it not safe to go to Border and Local Area in Delhi?

In Delhi, spoken language is Hindi, and most local areas or borders change its language style so that the tourists are unaware and officially, they do not get help when seeking help in the local area, because most people in the local area can neither understand or speak English. These can also cause your problem.

What kinds of crimes are the highest crimes in Delhi?

Delhi, India today is struggling with a lot of crime problems, It would not be wrong to say that, people of today have lost the meaning of their relationships, Nobody knows where the Delhi will stop. The crime of rapes is shocking to the entire of capital.

Tourists are advised not to rely on an unknown person.

Do not go out of your guest house/ Hotel in the late night (after 2100 p.m.) unless you need it much.

The Crimes of Snatching

The crime of snatching is also very high, its main reason is people from border areas and slums.
These people become energized by the darkness. And after finding loneliness, execute the crime on the tip of the weapon.
One of the biggest reasons for not ending them is the people of the police and the political system, which give them full help.

Before going to Delhi, ignore some areas below.

Top 5 Dangerous Directions for tourists for Delhi East Delhi

Anand Vihar, ISBT, Sahadara and other nearby, Nandnagari or nearby areas, Any Yamuna Flyover or lonely areas.

 North Delhi

Entire areas of North are not good for Tourists at night

North Campus of D.U also includes this list because of the nearby areas of this place are not ideal for tourists.

Central Delhi

Ajmeri Gate,

West Delhi

Rampura (Zakhira Flyver) Dangerous zone for anyone after the Sunset.

Uttam Nagar, Najafgarh, Janakpuri, Peera Garhi, Nagloi and rest of Border areas.

Madipur, Vishnu Garden, Subhash Nagar, Moti Nagar, Kirti Nagar and etc.

New Delhi

New Delhi’s area gets the safest place, in which the Connaught place is open all night, but even if you go here, tourists are forbidden at some places.

South Delhi

Dhaula Kuan is not ideal to visit at night for tourists.

Chhatarpur, Mandi Village, Saket Hill Area, Qutub Meenar, Badarpur or nearby areas.


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