The Impact of Divorce on children

The impact of divorce on children

The impact of divorce on children is obvious and enormous. Not only is it devastating to couples, but it is particularly destructive to children.

This is especially true for the little ones who can’t understand what’s happening, and who’s tiny hearts break so easily. They are so used to reaching up
their mommy and daddy for strength, support, as well as naturing love and comfort. This often disappears and broken.

Children of divorced parents are twice as likely to drop out of school, three times as apt to have a baby put of wedlock and twelve times as likely to be incarcerated
then those from intact homes.

The Painful Truth of the impact of divorce on children

Sadly, the reported divorce rate in Delhi, India is nearly double that of the national rate, with only four states reporting higher divorce figures. The cost of divorce is enormous and exceeds Rs. ???? annually in New Delhi, India.

The good news is that research shows that relationship skills can be learned, these skills can facilitate communication between marriage partners, helping them to avoid

conflict and reducing domestic violence, child abuse, divorce and its impacts.

Best Detective- Promotes and delivers and delivers the skills and education needed to help all couples put the marriage first. Through partnerships with community agencies,
Best Detective will help interested couples gain greater to marriage education services– enabling them to acquire skills to form and sustain healthy marriages.

Our services include:

  • Premarital training and marriage enrichment courses – which we deliver at the invitation of businesses, churches, communities, organizations and family services providers;
  • Couple to couple mentoring for those considering marriage or experiencing relationship difficulties;
  • One-to-one mentoring;
  • A lending library of books and videos on marriage and parenting;
  • A quarterly newsletter on marriage education events throughout the year.

Best Detective is eager to work together with other family service providers to ensure that families throughout Delhi, India have access to a compressive range of resources to strengthen their marriages and build happy, healthy families. We invite your organization to contact us if our programs and services could be of benefit to the communities or individuals that you serve and complement that you serve to complement the services that you provide.

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