Is marriage business or trade in India? | Marriage businesses rise in India

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Is marriage business or trade in India, Marriage is a sacred bond, Which is necessary to build a family from the century. In India’s culture, everyone needs a good family.

Those who remain loyal to their family and take care of them in their lives.  All of the same family expects that his life partner should be loving, take care of each other and in the end, the financial is good too.

If we remove everything, then it stops at money. So, we ask you, do you have the money to make a relationship?
Give the answer to you, we resume this convoy. No, the family does not need so much money to make and run it. Just every mother, the father wants that his family’s family be happy, The money is as much as the house can afford to be respected.

Apart from this, they want the same environment as their child, the environment in which he/she has been here, and this is what every family of every child wants.

Then, where is marriage business or trade-in India?

India is a big country, there are different traditions here. Some people take advantage of these traditions to convert marriage into a business, according to the traditions some time ago, educate a boy was considered an investment, and in the meanwhile, the girl did not educate by saying that the boy should be as educated as her.

Which would make money more expensive for her wedding?  This thought gave the marriage business thought, but today the time is changing slowly, The new society has arrived, thinking of the educated family has changed, due to this the trend of marriage and trade has been little less.

Love Marriages, making this marriage business or trade vulnerable

In today’s society, where children are getting educated, their views are changing too,
Modern Boys and Girls, by liking their partner, get married without any customs and traditions, which has had a bad effect on the trade and business of this marriage. Why the decrease in the birth level of girls?

The decrease in girls’ birth levels is not enough that a mother or a father does not like her daughters, The main reasons for this are the customs and tradition here, under this the girl’s family is seen as a borrower, And the girl is called another wealth, while the guy’s family considers it to be their wealth.

These traditions are neither of them nor any end, their family duty is being done.

What should be done to eliminate this difference?

Before ending the difference of the boy or girl, we have to fight the rituals of these worthless, this difference must be eliminated from the root,  since every mother, father, regards their own son as their wealth, do not consider the girl as another wealth.

The only idea that will end the trade and marriage business, will be to give their daughter as their wealth and also give her values like a boy, Then there will be no need for the advertisement of “BETI PADAON BETI BACHON” On which crores rupees are being spent today.

Today’s society needs your thought and thinking, what are your thoughts? Everyone would want to know. Thank you,

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