We are an employment verification agency providing integrated and highly specialized services in the fields of investigation, surveillance, fact-finding, and evidence collection. As the Best detective agency in Delhi, we are providing highly specialized services for all kinds of investigations and predominantly corporate surveillance and corporate investigations.

Pre and Post-employment verification agency

Our services also include litigation support, evidence collection in India for all kinds of court cases, prosecution cases. Our strong desk for IPR and brand protection services in India is retained by several companies for the protection of their brands, trademark and patent rights in India. We also provide all kinds of title search, due diligence services in India related to the finding of ownership of the property and other aspects of the user of the property in general.

Corporate Investigation Agency

Such services provide the accurate and basic inputs for decision making of any business deal and help in the commission of fraud and misrepresentation of facts. We also specialize in matrimonial and employment verification agency in Delhi through our detectives and surveillance agents in Delhi.

Being a corporate house in the fields of investigation and surveillance we provide the services in the most systematic and organized manner through our professional manpower team.