Forensic Detective is one of the best Detective Agency for Pre Matrimonial Investigation or marriage investigation which provides you some hidden facts about matrimonial relationships. In today’s life, nobodies know each other than how to verify that the relationship is fit for our child who will tell you and how?

Why is necessary pre matrimonial investigation or marriage investigation?

There are so many Pre Matrimonial Investigation/marriage investigation Agency who can give you the relevant facts about the pre-matrimonial relationship. It is quite necessary to get the information before getting the marriage to prevent post matrimonial investigations.

Marriage Investigation for a long-term relationship

Our Investigators are highly qualified and experienced to do this kind of job and no one can know what is going behind them. In the pre-matrimonial investigation, it’s very important to do discreet inquiries, We have lots of methods to do this kind of jobs. Our one of the best detective agency in Chandigarh will give you facts about this relationship.

In the pre-matrimonial investigation or marriage investigation, we give you information about the subject (Boy/ Girl), Family, Social, Friends circle, Financial, medical history etc.

We depute our senior investigation teams after analysis your case sensitiveness then works further. As per our experiences most of the cases done easily but some cases have a big problem with gather information.

Most of the families are very much aware of the current atmosphere to take prevention, they hire a private detective to save their ward life. It is also the correct decision.


As considers the time frame, the ended investigation is acted inside a calendar week, and we offer comfortable info supported which you can really safely take your next course of action. We consider that it is worthy of expending something which has a womb-to-tomb impression than bleak a contrite figure afterward.


The pre matrimonial investigation is principal to experience your groom/bride, almost his / her present or past relationship, his / her friend circle, his / her family social and financial repute and to acknowledge his / her in personal habits. It keeps people from breaking ended confusion and thereby debars post-marital investigation. People are in the habit of saying a lie and falsifying a few matters to lift oneself and get a better life partner. That is why, everybody, earlier marriage, is piece frantic and unquiet because of a stranger dread whether the marriage will act well and whether the would-be spouse will be correct.


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