Detective agency for surveillance is the word of complete spy on the suspect to gather the evidence and clue of the investigation.

There are two types of surveillance

1- Electronic


2- Physical

Best Detective Agency for surveillance

In the electronic follow-up, enforcement agencies depute teams on the suspect to get information of his/her mobile calls, social media interception, messengers information etc. If the suspect found guilty for the crime. The agency informs to judicial authority with evidence proof.

Electronic surveillances is a highly sensitive matter in India and only an authorized person or Government Agency can get details/ information legally. No one private detective agency for surveillances can be authorized to get electronic surveillance details due to Privacy Act. (Telecomm Act.).

Detective Agency for Surveillance Physical

In the physical surveillances is the most common services of private investigation agencies and Government Agency. Investigation agency keeps watching on the suspect to get the information. The Surveillance is the backbone of the investigation, nobody can get the personal information without doing surveillance.

In the physical followup, a person follows to suspect by the vehicle (bike or car) or by walking. An investigator should have good knowledge of how to do an investigation in the field. This is the basic requirement for investigators. but sometimes new investigator does mistake while the following suspect to the lake of knowledge. This could be very critical for those agencies Govt. or private if the investigator caught by subject.

There is no change to leave without the compromise on the subject. But an experience in investigation goes succeed from this possible because of experience and save the importance of the case.


Delhi & NCR INR 6000 Per Day for 10 Hrs. Night Charges extra

Outside of Delhi- North India INR 10000 Per Day Night Charges extra

Other outside destination charges will be on after discussing.

Why is the surveillance most important?

Surveillance is a very intelligent operation, in which information is taken in a very secret manner. In it, the person is monitored all the time. When the information is received, it is noted with proof.

The undercover operation is also the means of obtaining an accurate information.

Most of the private detective agencies of the country depend only on the surveillances, as the useful information can be easily detected. The Detective Agency keeps an eye on the suspicion through its investigators and keeps notes of every movement with evidence. The evidence of the surveillance is completely valid in the court, and the subject may not be able to deny it anyhow.

It sounds easy to say the word surveillance, But those who do it must be experienced. It is very important to have the basic or advanced knowledge to do surveillance. If a new investigator tries to do this, then definitely, he will be in the knowledge of the subject. The surveillance will fail completely.

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