Forensic science Technology and tools | What is forensic analysis

Forensic science technology

What is forensic analysis?

The task of the forensic analyst is to analysis the criminal incidents and collect their  evidence and present it in the court, so that criminals can be punished for their crimes. In  the forensic investigation, a detailed description of the incident of crime is made, which,  after receiving the incident site or victim, is widely reviewed. Forensic investigations are  mostly done in court to present evidence against crime or criminals. It has many modern  techniques, modern processes and the role of experts.

Forensic tools

Mobile Phone forensic: Mobile phone today has become the first need of everyone, in which  somebody can eat without food, but without a mobile phone, it is difficult to live a life,  just like life without water. Let’s just limit this to fun, and move on. In the case of mobile phones, there has been a huge revolution in the forensic investigation. Every forensic investigator has become  dependent on mobile phone. Because any forensic expert does not need to work in the forensic  lab. He can start his work at any time by reaching the crime spot.

On the other hand, mobile phones are an open source platform, which can be adapted to work  after minor updates. Digital forensic and mobile forensic have brought a huge revolution in  the field of forensic investigations.

Forensic science technology

Technology is rapidly getting absorbed in every aspect of our lives, in this the forensic  investigation is not untouched. Modern technology has been used to catch criminals, and  undoubtedly there have been changes and improvements. Modern technology has a great role to  play in catching crimes.

During the process of forensic science technology, forensic tools and equipment are used to  ensure crime. In forensic investigation, evidence is done to test and analyze the DNA, finger printing  identification, drugs or chemical and body fluids. important thing is that, science and  forensic investigators because of both technology won independence in their Too many functions. The contribution of science and technology to gather evidence of Biology and Chemistry are very admirable.

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