Hire private investigator to investigate my wife?

How to hire private investigator, investigate my wife, investigation charges

Hire private investigator to investigate my wife can be a little investigation charges expensive. But hiring a poor private investigator will prove to be very costly to you. First you have to decide why you want to investigate your wife? Sit down in peace and make a list. Often, the main reason behind investigating a wife is infidelity. If you want to more about Emotion counselling and roll of a private detective agency read more

How to investigate my wife by hire a private investigator

adultery is rebellion

Adultery is rebellion

Now write everything that due to which you have a doubt on the wife, all those things were written according to date, time, reasons, observations. Now do all the things together and go to sleep. Think of those reasons that you need the proofs. Do you want to prove them in court, or you have to use these proofs in their own protection.

How to know about cheating spouse symptoms read our article on top 10 indication of infidelity.


Top mysteries to uncover wife adultery by own or hire private investigator

Check all those things properly, what can uncover this mystery. Think about all these aspects right once and then look for a Best Detective Agency  There are more than 500 private detective agencies in Delhi, India, who can guide you like a good lawyer, after understanding your case, they tell you charges, what will you have to do in this case? Keep in mind that these cases are done by matrimonial investigators or matrimonial detective agencies who have full knowledge in matrimonial investigation. In the context of your case, tell the Detective agency everything and ask them to solve it.

Private investigation charges for matrimonial investigation and can be wary as depends on location and distance.

1- Post Matrimonial investigation charges

Rs.25000 to Rs.40,000 surveillance – INR-5000 -INR-10,000 per day Rs.30,000 – Rs. 50,000 per             weak

2- Divorce investigation charges

Rs.35,000 to Rs.50,000 surveillance- INR-5000 per day Rs.30,000 per weak

3- Extra Marital relationship investigation charges

Rs.30,000 to Rs.45000 surveillance- INR-5000 per day INR-30,000 per weak

4- Adultery investigation charges

Rs.45,000 to Rs. 70,000 surveillance- INR-5000 – INR-10,000 per Day INR-30,000- INR-50,000           per weak

5- Pre-Matrimonial investigation charges

Rs. 20,000 to 35,000 (Normal), Premium Rs. 50,000 to 1 Lakh

How to get private investigator retired from Government office to investigate my wife

I am searching for a private investigator who is retired from the Government Department and who has full knowledge of the investigation. Is such an investigator an office?
Yes, such a government retired officer starts his own detective agency, some people operate their detective agencies from home and some people have offices too, but the investigation charges of such people are more. You just have to do a meeting by searching them.

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Hire a good private investigator can be a little expensive. But hiring a poor private investigator will prove to be very costly to you. First you have to decide why you want to investigate your wife?
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