What is a security analyst? And its projects

A Security Analyst secures to you digitally and makes firewalls to protect your secret database and digital network. Security analysts also call information security analysts to work to monitor and protect an organization and also investigate a violation when the system attacked by hackers. A security analyst is also responsible to track all the unwanted attacks and carry out security measures to protect an establishment’s digital networks and computers. Security analysts are increasing day by day as the cyber attacks increase daily.

The Cost of a Security Analyst

A security Analysts makes an average of 1,00,000 per month, Basic requirements to be a security analyst Security analysts responsible for testing the software and their programmings and make them as safe as can do.
most of the security analysts are Bachelors in Information security and have a Degree in computer science, programming, and engineering.

How does a hacker break the computer security?

Security Analyst protects your digital network and your information just like a security guard, For professional hackers, just anti-virus is not enough to protect you, professional protect your security system by placing lots of protection walls.
And whenever a hacker attacks your computer, They Abrogated it by using their programming skills.

What is a Security Analyst? How do security Analysts protect you from hackers?

In today’s time, hackers have become a world headache, in this way, we need an expert who can save us our digital network. The security analyst is the only man, who gives you a complete internet and digital security. Hackers are also a programmer, which has a very keen knowledge of computer programming.
And the security analyst also comes in the category of a hacker, and it also has the same knowledge of programming. Only the works of both are different. Hackers break computer security to do wrong, and security analyst protects them from hackers. All these security experts are known as Black Hat Hackers, Gray Hat Hacker, White Hat hackers.

White hat Hacker: Security analysts are also known as White Hat Hackers, who only work to protect the security. T

Gray hat Hackers: The work of gray hat hackers, breaking the security and protecting them. The only difference is that, If needed, they can do anything.

Black hat hackers: only do to break computer security. These are known only as hackers. The work of hackers, getting people’s information, just their benefits, using them incorrectly.
A lumber does not have any knowledge of computer coding or programming, while they try to hacking without hacking skills.

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