Security Analyst can save you and your digital network from hackers

security analyst
Cyber attack investigation Agency
Cyber attack investigation Agency in Delhi NCR

What is security analyst?

A Security Analyst secures to you digitally and makes firewalls to protect your secret database. Security analysts also call information
security analysts works to monitor and protect an organization and also investigate a violation when system attacked by hackers.

A security analysts is also responsible to track all the unwanted attacks and carry out security measures to protect an establishment’s
digital networks and computers. Security analysts are increasing day by day as the cyber attacks increases daily.

The Cost of a Security Analyst

A security Analysts makes an average of 1,00,000 per month
Basic requirements to be a security analyst
A security analysts responsible for to testing the software and their programmings and make them as safe as as can do.
most of the security analysts are Bachelors in Information security and have a Degree in computer science, programming and engineering.

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